SolidWorks® Connectivity



ANVIL EXPRESS® SolidWorks® Connectivity highlights include -

  • ANVIL EXPRESS can be supplied with a link module enabling access to parts and assemblies in SolidWorks' best-selling desk-top modeller.

  • Bi-directional exchange of model and profile information allows enhancement of 2D legacy data, and deconstructional operations on 3D objects.

  • Enables SolidWorks models to be machined using ANVIL EXPRESS NC functions.

  • Closed and open surface models may be incorporated into a SolidWorks model, as a complete new object or a boundary.

  • All ANVIL EXPRESS 3D draughting annotations operate on the SolidWorks part or assembly, and can be regenerated after model updates.

  • Complex double curvature objects built in ANVIL surfaces may have parametric features added to them using the SolidWorks functions.

  • Analysis of volumetric and mass properties.

  • Solids can be output as STL files for rapid prototyping, or visual prototyping using the Render/Animator module.

  • Provides a gateway between ANVIL EXPRESS and SolidWorks partner products for mechanical and material analysis.