Ormerod Coupling Animation

ANVIL EXPRESS® Render/Animator highlights include -

  • Accepts STL, 3DS/ASC and DXF files from surface or solid modelling, and not just from ANVIL EXPRESS itself !

  • Supplied complete with a library of materials and finishes which can be user-customised, and expanded to match product colour schemes.

  • Camera position, orientation, focal length, and target all mouse-controlled.

  • Objects can be moved freely, along a screen axis, or around an object axis.

  • Reads both open and closed meshes.

  • Object axes can be relocated to simulate true mechanical motion.

  • Linking heirarchies can be added to objects, to produce collective and compound movement in assemblies.

  • 'Motion freeze' insertion and multi-font labelling function help to create instructional or promotional material.

  • Backgrounds may be single colour, single image, or animated sequences.

  • Animation sequences can be wholly or partially expanded, or edited.

  • Animations can be saved as AVI or FLC files, or sequential bitmap files.

  • Supports bump-mapping, image-reflection, and pattern-mapping in plane, cylindrical, and spherical modes.

  • Colour control of both ambient and movable directional light, which can be camera- or space-locked.