Module Overview

ANVIL EXPRESS® comprises the following functional modules :

  • Design Draughting
    Powerful and comprehensive, yet flexible. The Design Draughting module is all you need for fast drawing production, with an underlying associative 3D datastructure on which to add extra functionality. Design Draughting is the base for all other ANVIL EXPRESS® modules.

  • Parametric Draughting
    Makes any 2D drawing respond to dimension changes like a solid ! Upward associativity in the CAM package gives instant regeneration of NC cutting data, and AUTOSNAP 3-D (patent pending) can bring 2D drawings to life as solids, without the need for a conventional modeller !

  • Surface Modelling
    With an impressive array of 3D curve and surface tools, the surface modelling module is capable of taking on demanding multi-curvature design tasks, while remaining comprehensible and straightforward to use.

  • SolidWorks® Connectivity Tool
    The class-leading design features of the popular SolidWorks® modeller are made accessible via ANVIL EXPRESS®'s Connectivity Tool, giving interoperability with ANVIL EXPRESS®'s draughting, surfacing, and manufacturing modules.

  • Manufacturing
    Four functional units which build into a complete machine-shop of NC tools, covering basic turning and milling, 3- and 4- Axis milling, 5-Axis milling, and wire EDM, with visual toolpath verification available for all machining methods.

  • Render/Animator
    Simple and fun to use, the Render/Animator accepts model data in several standard formats (STL, ASC, DXF) to create assembly/disassembly, fly-through, and spin sequences, with heirarchical object links to simplify component motion or create compound trajectories, which can be still-frame rendered or captured in an AVI file.