CAMWorks 2˝-Axis Milling



Technology Database
The Technology Database is shipped with data that is considered generally applicable to most machining environments.
In order to gain full advantage of CAMWorks, the user may want to modify this data and input additional knowledge that represents the user's expertise and the facility's capabilities.

The machining information in the database is divided into these categories:

  • Machine -
    "Virtual" machines for all the CNC machines in your facility and the associated controller and tool crib.
  • Tools -
    The tool library can contain all the tools in your facility.
  • Cutting Parameters -
    Information for calculating feed rates and spindle speeds, workpiece materials and tool materials.
  • Feature and Operations -
    The machining sequence and operation for each combination of feature type, end condition, and size.

2˝ Axis Features
CAMWorks 2˝ Axis module contains the following machining functionality:

Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) analyzes the part shape and attempts to define the most common machinable features such as pockets, bosses, holes and slots. AFR recognizes features on native SolidWorks part models or on solid parts imported via IGES, SAT, etc.
AFR can save considerable time when defining machinable features.

Interactive 2 Axis Features CAMWorks provides an interactive 2 Axis Feature wizard for defining features that are not recognized automatically or features that are not recognized the way you want to machine them.
The interactive definition of features is similar to feature definition in SolidWorks.
The wizardsteps you through defining machinable features such as the outside profile of the part.
Sketches, planar part faces or planar face edges that are normal to the current Workplane can be selected to define the outside shape and optionally the islands for a 2 axis feature.

Machining Operations
After machinable features have been defined, the user can generate an Operation Plan to machine the features on the part.
Machining operations include roughing, finishing, drilling, etc.
Machining operations are associated to machinable features.
The Operations tree provides an outline view of the operations.
Before generating toolpaths, operations can be customized including:

  • Suppress, delete and rename
  • Combine similar operations
  • Change machining parameters
  • Add machinable features
  • Change the machining order

2˝ Axis Milling includes :

  • Automatic roughing, finishing and single point (drilling, boring, reaming and tapping) cycles.
  • Machining algorithms use the latest toolpath and gouge protection methods.
  • Cutting cycles provide fast, error-free tool path using ball, flat end mill, taper, corner round, thread mill and hog nose tools.

New in CAMWorks 2001 2˝ Axis Milling

  • Ramp finish machining.
  • Rough spiral entry.
  • User defined custom tools.
  • Pocket wedge machining.
  • Rough spiral machining.
  • Parametric multi-stepped holes.
  • Improved slot finishing.
  • Improved zigzag roughing.
  • New linked operations.
  • New edit tool path command.
  • Insert post operations.

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