Engineering Analysis on the Desktop

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The new interactive Parameter Manager gives DesignSpace true bi-directional associativity with many leading CAD packages.
Input multiple design criteria and, at the push of a button, perform seamless model regeneration and evaluations for multiple concepts.
Complete these "what if" scenarios in a fraction of the time.


Empower your product Design Team!

The Advantages of Up-Front Simulation
Itís not easy for a company to succeed in todayís fiercely competitive market.
On one hand, products must move quickly from conceptualization to completion. Any delays in development, and you run the risk of losing revenue to your competition.

On the other hand, your product development cycle is under constant pressure to become more streamlined and cost-effective, in terms of both materials and means of production.

At the same time, consumers demand products of the highest quality. Anything less and your company will lose customers and consequently, lose profits.

This is why many companies are turning to up-front simulation to confirm design assumptions and predict product performance in the early stages of the design process when the vast majority of the final product costs are determined.

Using up-front simulation allows you to circumvent traditional prototyping and testing methods because you can conceptualize, design and validate all your ideas right on your desktop. This results in a faster product development cycle with lower associated costs achieved by eliminating the need to constantly build, test, redesign and rebuild physical prototypes.

Todayís market dynamics and consumer awareness have a profound impact on all aspects of your companyís business. With DesignSpace as an integral component of your product development cycle, you can take your product design team from "mission: impossible" to "mission: accomplished".

General Capabilities

  • Fully associative to CAD packages
  • Linear stress
  • Nonlinear contact
  • Deflection
  • Factor of safety
  • Modal (frequency range and mode specification)
  • Pre-stress modal
  • Thermal/thermal stress
  • Nonlinear temperature material properties
  • Nonlinear convection coefficients
  • Topological optimization
  • Automatic adaptive result convergence (part, assembly or surface)

Assembly Capability Features

  • Automatic surface-to-surface contact setup
  • Bonded contact conditions
  • Frictionless sliding
    • With separation
    • Without separation
  • Optional manual surface-to-surface contact creation (bonded or frictionless)
  • Part-specific meshes
  • Part- or assembly-specific results
  • Advanced assembly visualization (part transparency/removal and suppression)

Meshing (including shells)

  • Meshing preview
  • Auto-mesh sweeping with hexes
  • Initial mesh sizing
  • Mesh refinement

DesignSpace Report

  • Standard formats: HTML and JPG
  • No setup required
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Customizable pictures

Problem Set-Up

  • Automatic geometry simplification
  • "Wizard" easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable convection and material library
  • Lifelike loads including bolts, forces, moments, etc.
  • Lifelike supports including pins, frictionless, etc.
  • Thermal loads including convection, known temperatures, etc.

Results Interpretation

  • Real-time 3-D animation
  • Dynamic sections
  • Results "probe"
  • Flexible picture properties
  • Factor of safety tools
  • Alert criteria
  • Convergence history

Parametric Simulation

  • Automated regeneration and refresh of geometry aids "what-if" studies
  • Automatic re-computation of results based on new input parameters
  • Tabulated list of parametric study
  • Display and modification of parameters
  • Parameter data export to Excel

Thin Part Analysis

  • Quad- and tri-meshing
  • Consistent normals in results view
  • Linear static and frequency

Supported CAD Formats

  • Unigraphics
  • SolidWorks
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • Inventor
  • Solid Edge

Supported Geometry Formats

  • ACIS
  • Parasolid