Anvil MCS CADCAM Products

ANVIL MCS current product range consists of :

    The latest in the ANVIL® CADCAM family. Operating under Windows NT4, 98 and 2000, ANVIL EXPRESS provides a comprehensive set of design and manufacturing tools to tackle almost every task in the design-to-manufacture cycle.

  • TekSoft®
    TekSoft provides both CamWorks - Gold Partner integrated machining for SolidWorks - and ProCAM, a modular standalone CAM package covering all major machining activities, from turning to 5-axis milling, including direct machining of solids.

  • ANVIL-1000MD®
    Now at Version 5 for Windows 2000/NT/95/98, this simple but powerful 2D draughting package delivers the goods when the bottom line is drawing output.

  • type3®
    Where conventional CADCAM leaves off, type3 takes over. type3 is a leader in the field of artistic CADCAM, enabling sculptured, contoured, engraved, and wrapped designs to be derived from artwork and applied to the 3D model for machining. type3 also comes in a simplified form called type3works - integrated into SolidWorks

  • DesignSpace®
    DesignSpace from Ansys provides fast engineering analysis in an independent package, but capable of reading model data in the majority of popular CAD formats. Its modular nature allows you to choose the optimum package for your analysis requirements.

    A handy, lower-cost way of making CAD data available around a company, the ANVIL VIEWER package allows you to zoom, print, plot, and measure in 2D and 3D multi-sheet documents. In addition to the ANVIL native formats, it will also read DXF, DWG, IGES, and VDA-FS files, making it a useful tool even in multi-system environments.

  • Turnkey Systems and peripherals
    Anvil MCS will package any of its software, plus office applications, plotters, printers, and networking, with a properly configured PC, to deliver you a fully working system on your desk without compatibility headaches. We can add hardware or software to your existing setup too !