Your 3D model is 95% finished, geometrically perfect, and ready to send to the machine shop,
apart from one small detail....


That small detail is - artwork.
Suddenly, 5% of the job is taking 50% of the time.
Of course, you COULD define it all as geometry - if there wasn't a deadline.....
MAYBE it's just embossed or engraved text - but the designer wants it on a curved surface....

THE SOLUTION ?----type3 from Vision Numeric.

Leader in its market, type3 offers you the capability to transform any decoration, logo, or text into CNC codes to be engraved in 2D or 2,5D or 3D.
It's the simplest and the most powerful software available for art-to-part operations.

type3 lets you simply type in text, or scan or import a picture file, vectorize it and turn it into curves.
The conversion to geometry means you can create features on the 3D model which can be machined like any other element of the design.

type3 has been created by the French company Vision Numeric, world leading software developer for the Artistic CAD/CAM market. Its applications range from mould and tool making to jewellery and sign-making, with software solutions to add typographic and artistic engraving to finished parts, within the manufacturing process.

Answering an ever increasing demand for dedicated solutions to the artistic CAD/CAM requirement, Vision Numeric has developed two major solutions, one for Mechanical CNC and another one for Laser machines:

typeEdit and Lasertype

They provide powerful 2D CAD functionality, an artistic 3D CAD dimension with the TypeArt modules, which include unique texturing capabilities, and a comprehensive dedicated CAM module to complete the task.

type3 solutions help to make your products more distinctive, by allowing the creative and aesthetic elements of the design to be incorporated directly from the concept.

type3's mission is the fusion of artistic and engineering input, by providing a range of tools applicable across the whole of the CAD and CAM spectrum.