Anvil MCS Training

ANVIL MCS operates training courses for all its software products
Like the software, the training is modular and cumulative, so the content of each course relates to a specific module, and knowledge of the foundation module(s) underlying these is expected

  • DR. Anvil EXPRESS Design Draughter
    No of Days = 5
    Pre-requisite Training - None

    The DR training course covers those aspects of ANVIL EXPRESS® which any user will need to know before starting to use the system. At the end of the course, the trainee should be able to create a 3-Dimensional model, manage part, component and figure files, control the working environment, and produce annotated drawings from both 2D and 3D geometry.
  • PD. Anvil EXPRESS Parametric Draughter
    No of Days = 1
    Pre-requisite Training DR

    Applying the power of relational/variational design techniques to the production of mechanical drawings. This course will enable the user to produce fully constrained and dimensioned 2D parametric models by using the sketcher or conventional construction techniques.
  • AR. ANVIL Render
    No of Days = 1
    Pre-requisite Training DR + PD or SF or SM

    Using ANVIL Render will enable the user to create static rendered images and animated sequences of single and multiple object for the purposes of producing marketing, training and visual prototyping materials directly from ANVIL EXPRESS® model data.
  • SF. Anvil EXPRESS Surface Modeller
    No of Days = 3
    Pre-requisite Training DR

    The SF course covers the aspects of the system concerned with the construction, manipulation and interrogation of surface models. At the end of the course the user should be able to create, output, and analyse 3-D surface models and derive 2D and 3D wireframe data from them.
  • M2. Anvil EXPRESS Machinist
    No of Days = 3
    Pre-requisite Training DR

    Introduction to ANVIL EXPRESS®'s tool path generation capability. Includes post processing, toolpath modification, output, verification, etc, and the following 21/2 axis functions:
    • Drilling: canned cycles
    • Milling: area clearance, pocketing, profiling
    • Turning: blanking, contouring, grooving, diameter/face/chamfer
    At the end of the course, the user should be able to create cutter paths from 2D and 3D Wireframe geometry, define a library of tools, understand the configuration of post-processors, verify the integrity of a toolpath, and output toolpaths in a machine-specific format.
  • M3. Anvil EXPRESS Advanced Machinist
    No of Days = 2
    Pre-requisite Training DR,SF & M2

    As per 2X. Numerical Control Machining. With additional ability to apply to either single or multiple surfaces, or solid models. Techniques covered include:
    • Surface Area Clearance
    • Plane Slice Milling
    • Plunge (or Drill) Roughing
    • Surface Engraving
  • Anvil 1000/5000 to Anvil EXPRESS 'Delta Course'
    No of Days = (min) 1

    For users of Anvil1000MD® and Anvil5000®, 'Delta' training is available, to familiarise users with the changes in functionality and appearance. For Anvil5000® users with a basic Draughting requirement, this is normally only a single day course, but more comprehensive coverage can be provided for users of the extended capabilities of Anvil5000®, or Anvil1000MD® users intending to take advantage of the 3D functionality of Anvil EXPRESS®.

    Call or e-mail us for details of available training dates